Our Misson

Our goal is to help those men and their families and loved come closer to healing and reclaiming the life that this violation has stolen.  Healing men helps to heal families and communities.

Experiencing issues

Healing from unwanted or abusive childhood or adult sexual abuse can present some difficult challenges, especially for men seeking to integrate their faith as part of the healing. 


one step closer to

healing & freedom

Helping male survivors since 2001

It's about what you do with what happened to you that defines who you are.  Let me help

Millions of men are affected  but less than 5%  get help

Sometimes we experience issues like anger management, substance abuse, pornography, withdrawal, panic attacks, flashbacks, shame, guilt, masculinity issues, low self-esteem, sexual addictions, body image issues, abusive relationships, excessive people-pleasing, intimacy.... we have no idea the issue may be effects from the sexual abuse that happened earlier. You are not alone!

Childhood sexual abuse can create effects across a lifetime

  • Sexual abuse interrupts normal childhood development – children who have been victims of sexual abuse exhibit long-term and more frequent behavior problems
  • 70 to 80% of sexual-abuse survivors report excessive use of substance abuse (drugs & alcohol).
  • More than 75% of teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused, and 59% of women in maximum-security prisons identify as adult survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Among male survivors, more than 70% seek treatment for issues such as substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide.
  • Direct costs of childhood sexual abuse estimated conservatively at $23 billion annually.
  • More than 30% of children never disclose their abuse to anyone.
  • 95% of sexual abuse cases are never reported to the police.
  • 10% of the victims were abused by strangers.
  • More than 40% of child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member.
  • 50% of victims are abused by someone who is known to the child outside of the family.
  • Approximately 40% are abused by older or larger children they know.

Healing is real

Don't give up! 

and attainable

How do you know if you're ready to heal?  When you have decided  to let  nothing stop you from healing, then you are ready!

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"Thomas, wanted to thank you so much for the healing that you have brought during your brief time here. Your love for this hurting population and their families is amazing. Finally there is a voice of effective help in the faith community." December 2014