If you have been thinking, "We have abuse program for the women, but nothing for the men" help is on the way. We are working to put together the HBM Male Soul Survivor Support Group curriculum. This will provide facilitators with discussion materials, videos, ebooks, newsletters and exercises for the healing journey. 

​ I was asked by a Christian counselor to develop this material after she saw the transforming impact the workshops were having on her clients that attended. However, not having experience with male sexual abuse she needed material to help them start a support group to continue the journey.

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We will also be hosting facilitator courses for those that are interested in conducting these meetings in their congregations or organizations

Soul Survivor Support

Helping male survivors since 2001


Second spread the word there is help and resources

Perhaps you have been to the workshops or received coaching sessions, or received financial scholarship to attend. This is often through the financial contribution of former participants whose lives have been transformed and helped through this ministry.

They simply want to give back by helping other men who may need the financial assistance for help through coaching, materials or attending the workshop.  If you would like to help pay it forward you may do so below.  We follow the principle of Ephesians 4:28 " we work so that we may be able to share with those in need."  We average 5-6 workshops a year.  Each workshop costs around $5000

I would like to help contribute 

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February 5-8, 2015  Phase Two

HBM Survivor Workshop Retreat

Seattle, WA

February 26 - March 1, 2015
Birmingham, AL

May 1-2,  2015  
​ Speaking/Breakout Session

Pasadena California,  
Christian Ministries Training Association

October 16-19th, 2014

Burbank/Pasadena, California

October 23rd,  7:00PM 
HBM Presentation
Unity Church of Peace,  Woodinville, WA

November 21- December 7, 2014
​  New Zealand
​HBM Presentations
​1:1 Survivor coaching

Feel free to reach out if you want to connect while I'm in your area.